Armenian Americans gather at the Capitol to protests aggression against Artsakh


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS)– American Armenians from all over the state will gathered at the State Capitol to peacefully protest against Turkish and Azerbaijani aggression in the native Armenian land of Artsakh.

Demonstrators marched to show their solidarity with the people of Artsakh and Armenia and call on Michigan Legislature and Congress to pass a resolution condemning war crimes that protesters said are currently being committed against Armenian people.

“There’s a conflict that’s been brewing for 30 years and it’s reignited recently,” Inna Mirzoyan, a PhD student at MSU and one of the attendees said. “Currently there’s the region Artsakh recognized by Armenia also known as Nagorno Karabakh where there’s a lot of activity going on because a cease fire has been violated. This is also an issue that is really opening up a lot of wounds for Armenians because there’s been a historic treatment of like violence from Turkey in 1915 and then in the late 80’s a similar war happened.”

Mirzoyan said the bottom line is that she doesn’t want history to repet itself.

“By being out here, we’re hoping that we can stop some of the previous historic events from reoccurring,” she said.

In addition, Armenian Americans at the Capitol today want everyone to get educated.

“Even though this isn’t an issue that effects people locally, I think it’s important to recognize we live in a global world, so we need to care about global issues because they do effect us. As you see here there’s Armenian Americans that live in Lansing, in Detroit. There’s Armenians that are having businesses, they’re your friends, your professors, so we really would like some solidarity from our American peers,” Mirzoyan said.

For background information on the conflict as well as the most recent news and statistics visit Armenian National Committee of America, at

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