LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – For many young adults, it’s a dream come true when getting your first apartment.
But some people who moved into one mid-Michigan complex are calling it a nightmare.

What was suppose to be a normal move in process has now turned into one big headache. As dozens at College Towne apartments received units that they say are a disaster.

“You know, there was just going to be a little bit of a mess and it was the complete opposite it was just completely trashed,” anonymous residents told 6 News.

Like many who moved into College Towne Apartments on Monday they say it’s unlivable.

“It’s been untouched since those people left and we went into the bathrooms and that was the worst part because there was not even a toilet in one, it was in the bathtub and the other toilet it didn’t work, only one of them worked the tubs were filthy. It was awful,” they said.

They tried to reach the property manager, but they say all they got was empty promises.

“And they said he would meet us at 6:00 p.m. at our apartment, so we went back because we believed them and 6:00 pm came he didn’t show up, it was 7:00 pm. He still wasn’t there we went back and turns out he told several people he was going to meet them at 6 pm”- same people

6 News also spoke with someone who has lived here for years.

She says it hasn’t always been like this.

“I moved in here on August first, 2016 when DTN Management owned it when Hunter Lansing Properties took it over in like 2020 its gone downhill from there,” said resident Casey McGuire.

McGuire says the lock on her door was broken, but they still wouldn’t come out and fix it.

“I asked them several times to fix it I put several maintenance request on their online submissions and through the office. I talked to the manger several times at this point and I actually ended up having to call code enforcement through the city to get them to finally address the issue. They still took a month for that to happen,” she said.

When 6 News reached out to management they refused to talk to media and kicked us off the property.