LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Mila Lynn is an artist in Lansing. She’s working on a project called “Black is King.”

“I have this collection that I’m doing with the cards, and the colors and the crowns and it’s all just fun,” Mila said.

Her project is incorporating historical and modern-day black figures into a deck of cards.

“Malcolm in my eyes is like the warrior, and then same with Rosa Parks. She took a stand and so those were my spades,” Mila said.

Mila said this is a way to paint black people in a positive and royal light.

“You know, fun and uplifting and nobody has to be a victim. Nobody has to be a villain. It’s just we’re black and we’re celebrating it,” Mila said.

She’s making a difference in people’s lives, without even being there.

“People take something home and they’re like, ‘I look at this everyday and I feel better about myself.’ Or, ‘I look at this before I go to sleep and like my and like my anxiety is diminished,’ ” Mila said.

Her project is supporting black culture in more ways than one.

20% of Mila’s profits from “Black is King” will go towards buying black children books from a black-owned book store in Grand Rapids.

On February 28th, they’ll donate the books to families.

“I just want to see like the kids faces,” Mila said.

Skin Studio 211 and Soul Nutrition are also sharing their profits.

“We would like to raise $1500. If we do that we can get a minimum 75 books,” Mila said.

Mila said it’s important to have children’s books that represent all children. She’s personally seen the difference it makes in her godson’s life.

“He was pointing it out and was like, ‘Casey, and mommy!’ And it was just cute to see him resonate,” Mila said.

She wants other children to experience that as well. They are still accepting book donations and money donations for the free book drive.