As drownings rise in Michigan, experts share tips to keep your family safe


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Masks are coming off and swimsuits are going on.

But as families flock to the water to enjoy the sunshine, a sobering reminder can be just moments away at any time.

“Nationwide and world wide there’s been a significant increase in drowning’s within the past few years,” said Kris Singh, a Captain at Lansing Fire Department and water safety expert. “It’s a curve that just seems to be going upwards.”

There’s a few explinations for why this is, but it often varies between children and adults.

“It is an over estimation of swimming skills typically,” Singh said of the most common reason an adult will drown or have a near-drowning experience. “It’s lack of supervision with the younger kids or increased access to water or lack of barriers preventing access to water.”

So when you’re out on the water, especially with little ones, here’s a few tips to keep in mind.

Wear a life jacket and make sure it’s snug to the body. Never leave kids unsupervised if there is any type of water near by. And, the one thing that could prevent many deaths according to Singh?

Finding a way to get someone out of the water, without getting in.

“It’s much safer if we can use a reach device, a throw device, or even a boat as opposed to putting a swimmer in the water,” Singh said. “We use water rescue throw bags, you can buy these at any water store or any boat store, they come with kayaks typically. Just reach out and touch somebody with it.

“This will save a life.”

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