As rain continues to pound mid-Michigan, officials in Lansing prepare for possible evacuations

LANSING, MI (WLNS) – As rain continues to pound mid-Michigan, cities across the board are urging residents to be on high alert.

In some areas, the flooding could get so bad that homeowners may have to evacuate and because that concern could become a reality, officials in Lansing aren’t wasting any time preparing.

Based on what the National Weather Service is forecasting for the next 24 hours, the city of Lansing has put together a preliminary list of which spots could get hit the hardest.

While officials are hoping for the best, they’re preparing for the worst.

“Some of the neighborhoods in Lansing in particular could see as much as a few feet of water, some of our traditional flooding neighborhoods,” Lansing Emergency Management Chief Mike Tobin said.

Current projections are showing several areas on the map that could be impacted.

They include: Potter Park Zoo, half a dozen homes on Willard Street, half a dozen homes on Baker, a few dozen homes and businesses in the Confluence neighborhoods could be affected as well.

Flowing water could get close to homes in the Knollwood- Willow area as well as Tecumseh River Road and the South Street complex.

Businesses in Old Town closest to the river could also see flooding.

If you live near any of these areas or water in general, Tobin is recommending that you watch that water closely as the rain continues to fall over the next couple of days.

“It does not put out the possibility of us potentially having to open up shelters and take people out of their homes for a few days,” Tobin said.

The city is already working with the American Red Cross to come up with a game plan.

“We’re already looking for shelter facilities in a couple of areas,” Paul Spata said. He’s a long-time volunteer with the American Red Cross.

He said preparations are underway as we speak to make sure everyone is ready if help is needed.

“We’ve been calling facilities and staff, volunteers, trying to get people lined up so we know that we will be able to staff the shelter and also we’ve got shelters on standby so they know that we may be coming,” Spata said.

If it comes to a point where shelters need to be opened, the city will let residents know where they are and how to get there.

Officials have also put together this evacuation checklist for those who may find themselves needing to pack up.

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