Ashley Graham

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1.       Five words/phrases that describe me: Foodie, dog-lover, karaoke queen, honest, thoughtful.
2.       Hometown: Philadelphia, PA (West Philadelphia, born and raised!)
3.       Other places I’ve lived: Atlanta, GA; Birmingham, AL; Chicago, IL; and briefly in Washington, D.C.
4.       I graduated from: Emory University (2017) with a B.A. in English and Creative Writing, and Northwestern University (2018) with a Master of Science in Journalism.
5.       I’ve been doing what I do for: Three years officially. I committed to journalism in my junior year of college and completed internships in Atlanta, and then went to graduate school to sharpen my broadcast skills. But my first on-air experience was in middle school; I anchored the morning news! 
6.       Most interesting assignment: I went to South Africa to report on black entrepreneurs in Johannesburg. It was my first international reporting experience and a major challenge as a one-woman band, but I learned so much and loved meeting so many young and confident business owners.
7.       I have a knack for: Cooking! I love trying new recipes. I also love to bake and I’m working on perfecting my homemade brownie recipe.
8.       I’m passionate about: Mentoring. I believe in lifting as you climb, and I’m always happy to pass on what I know.
9.       I can’t stop talking about: Funny pictures I find on the internet.
10.   When I’m not reporting/anchoring, I’m: Curled up on my couch with a book and some tea. I love to read, especially historical fiction.
11.   Other places you may have seen me: Farmers markets, art museums, coffee shops and bakeries. My sweet tooth is massive.
12.   Favorite place in mid-Michigan: The Broad Art Museum. I love the architecture.
13.   What I love most about mid-Michigan: You actually get all four seasons here. As a Southerner, I’m in awe. 
14.   Fun fact: I sing all the time! I grew up in choirs and I was in an R&B a cappella group in college. 

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