Attorney General and lawmakers receive threats as talks continue about banning guns at Capitol


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS)– According to spokesperson for the Michigan Attorney General, Kelly Rossman-McKinney, the office has received ‘credible threats.’

Other lawmakers, like Democratic State Representative for the 68th House District, Sarah Anthony, says she has also received threats.

“You know threatened to do harm to me, to my office, to my family and so it’s a hard time right now to be serving as a legislature,” said Anthony.

Anthony says she wanted to be a state representative to create policies and tackle issues, but instead the topic of personal safety has been the priority.

“Wearing bullet proof vests and what’s my escape route in the Capitol if a gunman opened fire upon us while we are voting. That’s not something that any of us signed up for, I can guarantee you that,” said Anthony.

Anthony says she does support the second amendment, but knows that possibility of banning guns at the Capitol has upset many.

“Do you think these threats are related to the talks of banning guns at the Capitol?” said 6 News reporter, Kalie Marantette. “Absolutely, so I mean anytime that folks believe you’re infringing upon their second amendment rights, folks take that really personally, there are a lot of people passionate about that issue,” Anthony responded.

Rossman-McKinney says that when Nessel spoke with other lawmakers, they told her they felt like ‘sitting ducks’ when there were people armed in the Michigan Senate gallery.

Anthony says she just wants peace, and added that the previous protest inside the Capitol was not.

“Individuals who want to come into our capitol full of hate and with guns, I would just want them to know that we’re humans too and we deserve dignity and respect and we can disagree peacefully,” said Anthony.

Rossman-McKinney says they are taking these threats seriously.

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