The Michigan Attorney General’s office is taking over the investigation into local gymnastics coach John Geddert.

Geddert, who use to own and run the Twistars Gymnastics Club in Eaton County, also coached the U.S. Olympic team to a gold medal in 2012. 

Geddert was friends with Larry Nassar, the MSU and USA Gymnastics doctor who pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting women and girls under the guise of treatment. Hundreds of women and girls say Nassar abused them. He’s spending the rest of his life behind bars.

Nassar worked closely with Geddert at Twistars and served as a trainer for that same Olympic team.

Geddert’s name came up repeatedly in the Nassar sentencing, with women accusing him of physical and emotional abuse, prompting the Michigan State Police and Eaton County Sheriff’s Department to investigate him. That investigation has lasted about a year. 

There are conflicting reports from the Michigan State Police and from the Eaton Couty Prosecutor about whether the department finished its investigation and turned over its findings.

But Attorney General Dana Nessel announced today that her office was taking over the Geddert investigation at the prosecutor’s request.

Former Olympian McKayla Muroney also says Geddert was told about Nassar’s abuse in 2011.

Geddert and Twistars are also a party to a lawsuit by Nassar’s victims. MSU settled it’s part of that case for $500,000,000.

Geddert has been suspended by USA Gymnastics and the US Center for Safe Sport. 

He announced his retirement from the sport last year.

In previous statements by Geddert and his attorney, they have denied any wrongdoing.