LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – According to a law firm representing families of Oxford High School students, a security guard failed to stop the Oxford High shooter.

At a news conference, Attorney Ven Johnson said he is asking to add that security guard onto a lawsuit filed in state civil court.

The update comes after a review of surveillance video released to the law firm.

According to Johnson, Kimberly Potts, the on-duty security guard at the time could have prevented the injuries and death of multiple victims.

Johnson said Potts was armed with a gun, but when shots were fired, she thought it was a drill.

He also claims that surveillance video shows the security guard open a bathroom door, where the shooter, Ethan Crumbley, was at the time with other students, and then left without taking any action.

Potts was reportedly wearing a body camera, but according to Johnson, it wasn’t turned on until after the shootings.

“So for whatever reason, and we all know that if she’s a security guard, she would be told in advance that there’s an ‘ALICE’ drill coming up just like the students are told this is a drill, so they don’t freak out and think it’s the real thing, but they tell them we’re supposed to act like it’s a real thing so we practice,” Johnson said. “Well apparently Ms. Potts was ‘confused’ that day and thought it was a drill.”

Ven Johnson and his team are hoping to update this lawsuit as soon as possible and are hopeful it gets before the judge next Wednesday.

6 News reached out to the security guard but have not heard back.