Attorney says Engler contacted another Nassar survivors mother about settling lawsuit


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – After what unfolded during the MSU Board of Trustee meeting on Friday, 6 News reached out to Jamie White, a Lansing area attorney representing more than four dozens survivors of Larry Nassar to hear his perspective.

White says he was shocked when his client Kaylee Lorincz told him of her surprise meeting with Interim MSU President John Engler, but what’s even more alarming is that he says Lorincz isn’t the first survivor that Engler has tried to reach a deal with.

KAYLEE LORINCZ: “Mr. Engler then looked directly at me and asked…”right now if I wrote you a check for $250,000 dollars, would you take it?” When I explained that it’s not about the money for me and that I just want to help, he said “well give me a number.”

In a crowded board-room on Friday, Kaylee Lorincz, a Larry Nassar survivor, accused Engler of offering her a quarter of a million dollars to settle a civil suit against the university.

According to Jamie White, Kaylee’s lawyer, Engler has pulled this stunt before.

“This was the most troubling of the events but on March 22nd, I got a call from Christy Lemke, the mother of Lindsey Lemke indicating that she had received a phone call from the personal cell phone of John Engler and spoke with him upwards of an hour on several issues but including the topic of settlement,” said White.

White says during litigation it’s ethically wrong for attorney’s to speak with clients on the other side without their lawyer present, especially in a case of this magnitude.

So when Kaylee told White what happened with Engler, he reported it to an official at Michigan State.

“More importantly, all of our other clients to avoid any interaction with the university, and their officials going forward,” said White.

And White says when this happened today…

ENGLER: “Be careful, be accurate.”

LORINCZ: “Umm, I think I’m ok.”

…His jaw dropped.

“The first thing I thought was that he’d try to explain the meeting and instead he went in to self-defense mode and then went on to basically tell her to sit down and be quiet which was just mind-boggling to me,” White stated.

So what happens next? White says he’s anticipating mediation in the next couple of weeks and hopes the university is sincere when it comes to a settlement.

He says he’s continuing to prepare his case, if in fact it does reach a jury.

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