Avoid “tricks” while “treating” this Halloween


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – “Trick or treat!”…give me something good to eat, candy that is and come Halloween night kids will be digging in their bucket full of goodies.

“Kids are excited to tear into their candy and eat it but you want to keep them away from it until they get home,” said Alexander Gill, Resident Emergency Medicine Physician at Sparrow Hospital.

Often times, people don’t think about dangers involved with taking candy from strangers and according to Gill before you dip into your bucket there are signs you should look out for.

“You want to go through your children’s candy and look for things that are not sealed, look for things that they may be allergic to before they get to it,” Gill added.

If wrappers look suspicious to you, Michigan State Police Sergeant John Faccio says they probably are.

He says get rid of it because the risk of eating it could be severe.

“Poison is probably number one or sometimes people put foreign objects in candy,” Sgt. Faccio stated.

Both Faccio and Gill say home-made treats and loose sweets including skittles or m&m’s should be looked at more carefully.

“Fresh fruit, baked goods unless they come from a neighbor that you trust or a family member you really should avoid because you really don’t know what might be in those things,” said Gill.

For Dan Carey, parent of two, these potential dangers are on his mind every Halloween.

“If you know your neighbors sometimes you know what they’re going to normally give to your children so you know it definitely is a little concern,” Carey said.

And experts say, it’s always better to be safe, than sorry.

“While it’s not common for these things to be tampered with or poisoned, you just really don’t know,” Gill added.

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