Baby boom: 6 Sparrow nurses in the same unit pregnant at the same time


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – There’s a baby boom at Sparrow Hospital and it’s not in the maternity unit.

Babies are all the talk in the neurology unit, where six out of the eighteen day shift workers are all pregnant at the same time.

“It just kind of kept hitting us like it was just like, one week it was just one and then it just kept going and going. We’re hoping maybe it’ll calm down, but who knows,” said Lindse Theaker, one of the pregnant nurses in the neurology unit at Sparrow Hospital.

Emily Walden, Ashley Grissom, Lindse Theaker, Riley Milbourne, Danielle Malone, and Jenna Haworth are all expecting, and they all work in the same unit at Sparrow.

“All three of us are due in April actually, Emily transferred to our unit after she already knew she was pregnant, so us finding out we’re only four days apart was like a big, oh my gosh that’s crazy, and then when Emily got transferred she was like I’m also due in April,” said Theaker.
They say being able to lean on each other during this experience is priceless.

“It’s really nice to be able to bounce ideas off of each other and like even what products to buy, what products to register for,” said Walden.
“Most of them, this is their first so, I feel like I can kind of, when they’re freaking out I know I’ve talked this one down a couple times, or more than a couple,” said Grissom.
“I have family that I can always talk to, but having them real life almost every other day cause they’re my second family since I’m here so much,” said Malone.

So, what’s next for these ladies?

“It’s funny because we said well after all this, we’re all going to have to get together with all the babies and do this all over again and show all the baby clips,” said Haworth.

“Joke around that we need to start our own daycare so that we can just watch each other’s kids on our days off,” said Milbourne.

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