OKEMOS, Mich. (WLNS) — Baking has always been a passion for Dominic Blatnik. It’s an activity he and his mom, Cathy, do together.

“Taught Dominic how to crack an egg probably six or seven years old,” Cathy said.

It’s a passion that’s been passed down for generations.

“My grandmother, she baked with her dad. And then my grandmother taught my mom and then my mom taught me and then I taught him,” Cathy said.

Dominic has autism and epilepsy. Cathy said the kitchen is where he feels most at home.

“What’s your favorite thing to make.. to bake?” Dominic’s father asked. “The chocolate chip,” Dominic answered.

It’s also where he continues to learn new skills.

“He knows how to turn on the oven. He knows how to do so many things. I keep adding more and more layers,” Cathy said.

Dominic and Cathy create the baked goods for his business together. Cathy said baking runs in their blood.

During the pandemic, Dominic would bake sweet treats for his speech therapist.

“We started working on the concept of when he would bake her something and then she would pay him and then I started doing some research of well maybe we can do this out of our home,” Cathy said.

From there, “Baked Goods by Dominic” was created.

“We work it around his school schedule, his therapies. We do deliveries sometimes during the week. We do deliveries on the weekend,” Cathy said.

Cathy said Dominic personally takes the baked goods to the customers.

“He puts it on the basket. We take it right to the person. They give him his money, he says thank you,” Cathy said.

Their menu has grown since they first started more than a year ago, and so have their orders.

Dominic balances school and his therapies with his baking business. His favorite cookie to bake are chocolate chip.

“I never thought we’d be at 190,” Cathy said.

She said they hope this will grow into a bigger opportunity for the autistic community.

“We want to hire only people with disabilities, and people that are the most severely disabled. That’s who we want the most because those are people that don’t get the opportunity to have a job,” Cathy said.

Back in April of 2021, when I interviewed Dominic and Cathy, they said they wanted to one day move the business from their home kitchen to an actual store.

Cathy said that dream is still alive.

“We hope to do that. It may happen at 5 years. It may happen at 10. Its gonna happen,” Cathy said.

With each order, they feel more and more close to achieving it.

“The response and the support he’s gotten has just been off the charts,” Cathy said.

They have a loyalty program where after 5 orders, a customer can choose an organization or charity where Dominic will delivery a dozen chocolate chip cookies for free.

For information on ordering from “Baked Goods by Dominic,” click here.