Bancroft family affected by tornado gets free car


BANCROFT, Mich. (WLNS) – After a tornado ripped through parts of mid-Michigan last week, one Bancroft family’s home was completely destroyed.

But instead of giving up, the community is now rallying behind them by donating a gift to make getting around for the family a little bit easier.

“I’m like we’re in the basement and they’re like, where is the basement at? So at that point I started panicking cause I’m like oh great, is my whole house down, like they can’t find the basement?,” said Bobbie Jo Bruff, whose home was completely destroyed by last week’s tornado.

Torn off siding, a destroyed car, and debris all over the floors is the aftermath of last Thursday’s tornado tearing through the Bruff family’s home.

“A whole bunch of thoughts ran through my mind I was like, how are we going to recover from this?,” said Bobbie Jo.

That question was answered by the community today, as the family was chosen to get a free car courtesy of a few local groups.

Trent Atkins, the Shiawassee County Emergency Manager, says this is just one of the steps they’re taking to help affected families heal.

“Even though they’ll never see the normalcy that they had in the past, we want them to be happy with the new normal and that’s something that we can assist them with,” said Atkins.

The Bruff family says they’re usually the ones to help others, so to be on the receiving end means the world.

“It’s still hard to process cause I’m used to doing for myself, but I just can’t believe how kind hearted the community is,” said Daniel Bruff, Bobbie Jo’s husband.
“It’s a traumatic experience going through what we went through, but it’s encouraging and there’s just so much hope that things are going to finally get back to normal because of the love and support that everybody’s shown and just people stepping up and doing their part,” said Bobbie Jo.

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