Bank teller who embezzled, reported fake robbery, gets sentenced


A Mason woman will spend the next two years behind bars after stealing more than $100,000 from the Mason bank where she worked.

A federal judge sentenced Megan Kolberg to 27 months in prison for embezzling more than $130,000 from the Mason State Bank.

The 37-year-old Mason woman worked as a bank teller, and officials at the U.S. Attorney’s office says she admitted to taking the money – often between $4,000 and about $7,600 a month – over several years between December of 2009 and May of 2013. They say she initially tried to cover it up by faking bank records.

But they say when she suspected bank officials and police were beginning to figure it out, she faked an armed robbery to try and cover her tracks.

They say she called her husband to tell him the bank was being robbed, which triggered a 911 call to Mason Police.

She told police she was forced to take cash out of an ATM at gunpoint, then locked in a bathroom while the robber took money from her drawer. She also said the robber forced her to destroy the bank’s surveillance tape.

They say Kolberg told police the robber made off with $120,000 – which is close to the amount that she took.

Officials say he event met with a forensic artist from the FBI to draw a sketch of the suspect.

“Kolberg’s significant embezzlement, which spanned several years, along with her decision to falsely claim that an armed bank robbery occurred in the hopes of concealing her crime, clearly commanded a prison sentence,” said United States Attorney Patrick Miles in a press release. “Her actions caused unnecessary risk to the public and the responding police agencies as the police officers sped to the bank believing that an armed bank robbery was in progress, and resulted in limited law enforcement resources being directed to the investigation of a bank robbery that never actually occurred.”

The judge gave Kolberg one of the longest sentences he could under the guidelines, and says that she will – at a minimum – pay back the $131,580 to the bank and the insurance companies involved in the incident.

“The Mason Police Department remains steadfast in its commitment to hold accountable those who, out of greed and without remorse prey on their victims,” said Mason Police Chief John Stressman in the same release.

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