POTTERVILLE, Mich. (WLNS) – Quite a few people showed up to protest at the popular Potterville restaurant Charlie’s Bar and Grill after a few hateful Facebook comments made by the bar’s manager struck a nerve.

They are calling for him to be fired so they can enjoy this community staple once again.

“Hateful homophobic comments and that was really tough to wake up to,” said resident Lisa Paige.

Lisa Paige was one of the many Potterville community members who was appalled to see posts pop up on Charlie’s Bar and Grill Facebook page using homophobic slurs, and other hateful language.

Paige says she knows who’s to blame.

“We know that the comments came from John Devine, he’s the manager here I’ve personally had experiences with him, with hate,” she said.

The posts were taken down Monday morning. In their place, a brief explanation that the account was “hacked”.

But past employees don’t think so.

“It just didn’t surprise me at all, knowing who runs that business and what he said behind closed doors, I don’t doubt that he said that, and I don’t believe that he was hacked either,” said former employee Cassie Slocum.

Devine has refused to go on camera but admitted to making the posts.

For some community members, the issues go beyond the hate comments.

“He pulled his shirt up exposed his nipple and tried to push my head into his nipple, and then he ran around the bar yelling at all the other people in the bar how gay I am and this is pretty regular behavior that I’ve heard from multiple other people,” said resident Ben Price.

Protesters said their cause is about taking the space back, and they are not against Charlie’s but rather Devine, who has been in charge for the past few years.