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Bars move services outside as new executive order halts indoor services


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS)– For many, summer time means going out to bars and restaurants to grab a drink, but under the Governor’s new executive order, bars will have to move business outside.

The new executive order impacts businesses where 70 percent or more of their income is based on alcohol sales. This will leave places such as bars, night clubs and strip clubs to close indoor services.

Patrick Moriarty is a manager at Stober’s Bar in Lansing and says moving strictly outside is just another change they’ve had to embrace.

“When you’re on two feet you wear a mask, when you’re sitting down, you can take it off, we do a temperature check at the door,” said Moriarty.

He says that they decided to build a patio during the pandemic and now business will have to be done all outdoors.

“We’re going expand the patio, obviously closing inside, the patio will be around 60 people so then we’ll have a bar outside to serve the people out here,” said Moriarty.

For customers, he says he doesn’t think the change will be an issue.

“For the most part very well, you know what I’m saying, we have the issue everyone once in a while, here and there, but for the most part people are adjusting over time, it’s going to take time, for people to learn the new way as we go forward,” said Moriarty.

When it comes to employees, Moriarty says with more guidelines, comes the need for more help.

“We’re increasing staffing because we just need more eyes on everything, you know make sure people are following protocol into services,” he added.

Some customers are happy with the decision to move outdoors.

“I totally think it’s a good move,” said Clyde Baldwin “I prefer to sit outside myself, I feel safer outside myself, I don’t like to sit inside the bars,” he added.

Baldwin says he hopes others accept the new changes as well.

“Servers are putting their lives at risk here and they deserve more than to have you fight over wearing a mask,” said Baldwin.

Overall, after having to be closed for months, it’s an easy decision to use their patio to stay open.

“It’s difficult but I’d rather work than be unemployed obviously , we have a very family orientated bar, it’s a very accepting bar so we accept all walks of life and we’re happy to be open and serve the community through these dark times, everyone needs a little happiness,” said Moriarty.

This executive order from the governor does not impact the Northern lower peninsula and the U.P.

Governor Whitmer also gave restaurants and bars the green light to allow ‘cocktails to go’ in hopes to keep more places in business.

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