Bath Township mom petitions to change Meijer checkouts


A Michigan retailer is at the center of a check-out controversy.

A local mom is getting some national attention as she tries to make a big change to local Meijer stores.

She says, she’s fed up with the junk food and sensational headlines right at eye level in the faces of her young kids.

Now, she’s started a petition drive hoping to get Meijer to re-think the check-out lane products.

We’ve all stood in the checkout lane, often tired, hungry, and staring at shelves full of candy and other snacks and tabloid magazines.

But now, one local woman, is taking a stand.

“I decided that I needed to start a petition, because I knew that there would be other people out there who would support the idea,” says Jane Kramer.

Bath Township mom, Jane Kramer, says it’s time for grocery chains like Meijer to put customer health first.

She’s asking others to join her cause to ask Meijer to replace candy with nutritional snacks, and tabloids, with children’s books.

“Maybe next time they go through the checkout, they’ll realize, yeah, maybe this isn’t such a healthy environment for us,” says Kramer.

In less than three months, Kramer has already gathered more than 1,000 signatures and attracted some national attention.

But not everyone is on board.

“It’s actually a lesson to say hey, that isn’t good for you, we’re not going to do it,” says Amy Robach, Anchor at Good Morning America.

But for Kramer, this is more than just a teachable moment.

Kramer says, “It’s about the diabetes and obesity epidemics.”

But no matter how many others put their names down in support, there’s no way to force Meijer to change.

According to Tom Scott, Senior Vice President of Michigan’s Retail Association, “It’s impossible, it’s impractacle, to be able to set up your store to please every one of those customers, it can’t be done.”

And Kramer continues to push forward, asking people across the country to start their own petitions at their own grocery stores, making this a larger issue that just at Meijer.

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