Be an Osprey monitor and Adopt-A-Nest


Osprey were listed as a threatened species in Michigan after a steep decline in the 1960s from the pesticide DDT.

The hard work of many Michigan organizations helped the osprey be successfully reintroduced to southern Michigan and removed from the threatened species list in 2009.

Now, it is incredibly important that osprey continue to be monitored closely statewide and the Michigan DNR as well as the Detroit Zoo are hoping to expand the monitoring effort throughout the Lower Peninsula with the Adopt-A-Nest osprey monitoring program. 

“Volunteer community scientists, like you, can adopt a nest for the summer,” DNR wildlife biologist Julie Oakes said. “All ages and experience levels are welcome.”

Oakes said that a minimum commitment of three 30-minute nest visits between the end of March and early July is all it takes to determine if there is a nesting attempt, if birds are actively nesting, and if there are any chicks in the nest.

Binoculars are all that is required for most observations and many nests are easily viewed from public roads.

Training sessions will be offered and those interested in adopting an osprey nest can sign up online for the Adopt-A-Nest program.

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