Bedtime tips as the sun stays out later and later


The spring forward with daylight savings time has been underway for almost three-weeks now, but despite the joy of having sunlight later in the evening, it’s still rather rough on parents when it comes to getting their kids to bed. Many kids fight bedtime anyway, but when the sun is still out when it’s time to go to sleep, it may be a tough battle to win.  

Child experts say, despite what it looks like outside, bedtime shouldn’t change and your kids need to understand why.

“As it gets to be summer we are going to have more daytime,” says child and family educator for MSU Kendras Moyses. “But we still need to go to bed at the same time because we still have to get up at the same time.”

A wake-up routine Moyses says shouldn’t be altered. It can be challenging because it’s much darker now when the morning alarm goes off, making it tougher to get out of bed too. It’s another big reason why sticking to a bedtime routine that allows for the proper amount of sleep is key. It can be easier to achieve by providing yourself a way for the entire house to calm down as bedtime approaches, like dimming or turning off the lights, closing curtains, or offering extra parent time.

“It’s going to be light when we go to bed and it may be kind of hard, but we will read an extra story or spend some extra snuggle time together to help them wind down a little bit.”

Also, remember to work on making the hour before bedtime gradually calmer. Moyses says replacing screen time and sugary treats with bath-time and books can work extremely well.

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