Behind the scenes: Lansing Township Fire Department rescue training

Firefighters take an oath to serve and protect those in the community. But battling a fire, or going into a burning home to save someone’s life, isn’t as easy as it looks.

They risk their lives for us every day. Jumping into burning buildings, diving head first into the line of fire.

When learning how to protect those in danger, firefighters at the Lansing Township Fire Department know they need to be prepared.

“Today our crews are practicing a certain search technique called vent, enter, isolate, search, which is a method that we’re going to use if we pull up to a structure fire house or apartment, and we’re told that there is a victim in a specific room,” says Lansing Township Fire Captain, Mike Kaloz.

Kaloz says the department is always training. Whether teaching new recruits, or just brushing up on new skills.

“Our crews are then really quickly access that bedroom, they’re going to feel the floor to make sure that the floor hasn’t burned through, make sure that it’s solid for us to go in. We’re also going to take a quick peek with our thermal imaging camera to see if we can see specifically where that victim is,” says Kaloz.

Kaloz says once a person is located, or in this case, a 160lb dummy, crew members work to get that person out as quickly as possible.

While many firefighters say the job can be rewarding, it’s not easy carrying around all the gear.

Firefighters have to not only put on the jacket but also the air pack, adding 50-60 pounds before they can even pick up a tool.

Kaloz says, these training sessions are very similar to a real rescue. And often times, it’s just a little reminder to remember the big picture.

“It’s not just a job, it’s a life and none of us would rather do anything different,” says Kaloz.

Practice makes perfect, and for these firefighters, learning new skills here, will help save a life in any real situation.

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