LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Jocelyn Benson and lawmakers held an event on Tuesday, discussing the state’s election system has been the focus of violence and threats, especially during the state’s 2020 and 2022 elections.

Benson says new legislation will help ensure that every vote is counted and every election official and volunteer is protected.

In order to protect those who protect democracy, Benson says her office has formed an election policy advisory task force.

The group will include nonpartisan organizations and representatives from both sides of the aisle, along with people from the governor’s office.

Benson said they will help implement regulations that increase penalties against those who threaten and harass election officials, as well as anyone who intentionally misleads voters about their rights.

Benson believes this legislation will lessen the stress and anxiety volunteers face on election days.

“We cannot have a secure democracy if we do not protect the security of the people who administer, protect, and stand guard over our elections, said Benson.

“This task force will ensure we are working together and allowing data, best practices, and the input of critical stakeholders throughout our state to guide the implementation of these important amendments. The group’s charge will also include suggesting, reviewing, and providing insight and feedback on other election-related legislation. To ensure we are doing everything we can at this moment to build on the success of our election system.”

Benson says the new legislation will also provide funds for resources for poll workers and election officials needed to do their jobs efficiently.

She says these new laws will be put in place in the coming months.