EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – It was a quiet and somber day on campus as students returned to Berkey hall for the first time to pick up their belongings. Many students say they are still processing everything that’s happened.

“It just gives you the chills. There’s really no other way to describe it,” said MSU Freshman, Max Cibor. “As the days go on it gets a little less numbing and real emotions start to hit us, I think a little bit harder.”

Cibor was on campus with his roommate Matthew Sommerdyke, who says what happened here still doesn’t feel real.

“It really is surreal, and you know sleep doesn’t come easy really, there’s a lot of thoughts going through your head so with all the support it really helps but everyone is just trying to get through it,” said Sommerdyke.

Therapy dogs were there to meet students as they re-entered the halls to collect their belongings. It’s just part of the way the Spartan community sticks together.

“When tragedy hits you can really see when the community comes together, and not just people that go here but people that live around the area, alumni. They all came back.

Max and Matthew don’t know what’s next. They say vigils like last night are helping. For now, they’re planning to go to Chicago for a few days, but they say they do want to return to class.

“I would love for campus and all of our students to get back as soon as possible. We’re heading out for the weekend but as soon as Monday comes, I know as hard as it will be for me and for him to go back to our classes like normal after what we experienced, I think it’s a big step forward. It’s a big reason why we are here, why we came back here last night,” said Cibor.

Classes are expected to begin again on Monday, however Berkey Hall will be closed for the rest of the semester. 

Classes in Berkey Hall will be relocated elsewhere, officials said in a press conference Thursday morning.

Officials are still evaluating what to do with the Union, MSU Interim President Teresa K. Woodruff said.