LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Monday marks the start of Bicycle Safety Enforcement Week, a community effort to help keep the roads safe for everyone.

The awareness effort comes as the number of fatal crashes involving bicycles has increased by 63% since 2020.

Mark Dunn owns Scooter Pro Cycle in Holt, and he says whenever you’re on the road you must be visible — wearing a helmet, bright colors and plenty of lights.

“Especially if you’re riding at night, [you need] something like headlights and taillights. These things are great. They have flashers on them so you can be seen. That’s the whole idea behind a light — it’s not so much for you to see, but to be seen,” Dunn said.

He says if you are going to ride on the road, go along with traffic and plan your trip to avoid dangerous roads at busy times.

“Our trail system is huge around here and it’s a great system. You can get all around Lansing with it. If you can plan your ride accordingly, you can really stay off some of the busier roads and help yourself too,” Dunn said.

Michigan recently passed two laws to help with bike safety.

One requires drivers to give bikes at least three feet of space when passing. The other is Michigan’s new hands-free law, which means you can’t hold a phone and drive, period.

Dunn likes the changes and has some ideas of his own.

“As we grow our infrastructure to separate the bike lane. You see it in other cities doing it and that would be huge. Bike lanes are great but if you have something that stops that car from getting to you, that would be even better,” Dunn said.

He also recommends bikers to check the pressure in your tires and to ride in a pack.

For more information and a schedule of group bike rides check out