LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — The Lids for Kids event returned for its 18th year to help keep kids safe while riding their bikes.

Hundreds of families gathered at the Marshall Street Fire station for Michigan’s premier bicycle helmet fitting and giveaway event.

“For us to be able to help our kids in our city be safe, and give them helmets and help them go outside, we got an incredible river trail. Now, they can put on a helmet get on their bike and go ride the river trail,” Lansing Mayor Andy Schor said.

Hayley Gaines brought her kids to the event and says she wanted to make sure that they had what she didn’t.

“I never really wore a helmet as a kid and I realized that I was probably risking my life and I don’t wanna do that to them,” Gaines said.

Trained professionals and volunteers fitted each child for their perfect sized helmet. They also educated families on how to be safe while riding.

Steven Sinas of the Sinas-Dramis law firm is one of the event organizers.

He says having a helmet on while biking makes a big difference.

“We see time and time again how much bike helmets help people when their in a bike accident save themself from a brain injury,” Sinas said.

A day full of freebies and a giveaway of over 300 helmets left many kids at the event feeling grateful.