Billboards criticize lack of state funding for roads


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS)– A Michigan nonprofit is frustrated with the lack of progress on one of Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s biggest campaign promises. They put ads on two billboards around the state to show it.

The message is simple: “Whitmer vetoed 375 million dollars from our roads and bridges.”

Hundreds of thousands of drivers will see the billboards on I-496 and I-96 in Lansing and Oakland county this week courtesy of the Michigan Freedom Fund.

“With all of the debate and back and forth related to the budget and then the various funding for programs including roads,” executive director Tony Daunt says, “that it was important for people here in Michigan throughout the state to know where the governor stands, how her actions match up with her words.”

The fate of those millions and funding for other programs is still being debated by the governor and state legislators.

Governor Whitmer said on Thursday that an agreement could happen any day. State leaders will continue budget talks next week.

“We have really, I think, made great ground on a supplemental,” Whitmer said. “And if the legislature wants to get that done and to my desk, it can be just a matter of hours at this point in time.”

But talks fell through later that day. The $375 million in funding for the road remains on the line. Michigan’s roads and bridges will go without repairs in the meantime.

“I mean we all agree whether Republican, Democrat, Independent you know it doesn’t matter,” Daunt said. “We all agree that the roads here are crumbling and infrastructure needs some serious repair. And again, the governor, you know, she got elected in most part or in large part, I should say, at least because of her pledge to fix the roads.”

Party aside, they’re hoping the governor comes through on her promise.

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