Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year, but is Cyber Monday the new shopping holiday?


What day do you prefer? Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Shoppers say they think this upcoming Friday may not be the superior shopping holiday.

Store employees and shoppers still should expect big crowds this Friday, but the popularity of Cyber Monday is undeniable.

“I think it’s really changed black Friday, from the customer bases of people coming in the mall, a lot of people feel more comfortable at home, doing it right there on their computer, you don’t have to deal with the hassle and stress. I think it’s made black Friday better actually,” said Shoe MGK employee Mac Lackey.

An early shopper at the Meridian Mall says online shopping makes days like Black Friday more safe.

“I think it’s a little safer for everyone and they can just, I don’t know, be in the big crowds all the time and stand in line all the time,” said shopper Samantha Schultz.

But how do stores adjust to the online movement? A Finish Line store manager says they still get the big crowds for Black Friday but had to adjust for the big online shopping numbers.

“We actually have a specific person coming in and fulfilling orders for that so we’re definitely going to see more online traffic, we actually see that in store too,when customers order stuff online, it comes from the stores, so we have an extra person on staff at all times to make sure we have those items boxed up and ready to get shipped out after Thanksgiving and Black Friday,” said store manager Seth Grabel.

Store management says no matter how large the online shopping numbers might be, shoppers going out Friday should still expect big crowds and to remember to stay safe.

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