Black Friday shopping worth the wait?


LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – Black Friday is only two days away, and many shoppers are getting ready for the big day of deals.

For some, the holiday shopping season starts the minute they put down the turkey.

While others think twice, before deciding if those long lines are really worth saving money.

“You get lots of deals, and you get super excited. I always end up shopping more for myself than I do family, but it’s still fun to go,” says Lisa Brown.

This Black Friday will be the 6th in a row for Brown.

She plans to wake up early, grab her wallet, and be at the stores by 7am.

“I like to, coordinate with my sister-in-law, we always go Black Friday shopping, so tonight we’re doing our Thanksgiving dinner and we’re going to plan,” says Brown.

But she isn’t the only one planning which stores to hit and when.

According to the Michigan Retailers Association, about 60% of holiday shoppers will be out this Friday.

“I think we can say without doubt that this weekend, being a four day holiday weekend, is going to be the biggest, biggest, of the year by far,” says Tom Scott, Senior Vice President of the Michigan Retailers Association.

Scott says, retail sales are up 2.1% compared to last year.

Out of the nation’s estimated, $655-billion holiday spending, $20-billion of that, will be spent by shoppers here in Michigan.

Scott says, “It’s such an important time for the companies that they’ll try everything, and they’ll change it a little bit from year to year, and it’s just one big experiment all the time.”

But even with the deals offered, some even starting Thanksgiving night, there are still those out there who think the door busters just aren’t worth it.

According to Lacey Tyler, “Probably not on Black Friday, no. Normally I do go and I have a lot of fun with my friends, but this year, priorities have changed.”

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