UPDATE 7:00 P.M. — At the press conference, Black Lives Matter Lansing says that only part of the footage from the April 25 Lake Lansing Meijer has been released.

Footage from Meijer’s cameras has also not been released.

On Thursday, BLM Lansing called for all footage to be released and for the original 911 call to be released.

BLM Lansing also says that the Michigan State Police have not communicated with the family regarding the investigation. They add that the lawyer of the officers involved said they were under the impression that there was a mass shooting at the store.

“Shopping while Black is not a crime. Shooting an unarmed Black male while he is running away is a crime,” a Black Lives Matter Lansing representative said.

The organization then called on East Lansing families who felt victimized by ELPD to come forward and that on Sunday there will be a recruitment meeting for families.

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Black Lives Matter Lansing will be holding a press conference at 6 p.m. Thursday at the East Lansing Police Department headquarters.

The group will be discussing the officer-involved shooting at an East Lansing Meijer that sent a man to the hospital.

“[The man] did not commit a crime. He is a survivor of a crime committed by East Lansing Police,” the Lansing chapter of Black Lives Matter said in a press release. “This is clearly another failure of the East Lansing Police. No accountability has been taken by the East Lansing Police or Police Chief Kim Johnson.”

The man was shot by East Lansing Police after officers responded to a weapons complaint at the Lake Lansing Meijer.

Upon arrival, officers spotted the man and said he fit the suspect’s description. He fled, resulting in an ELPD officer shooting him in the parking lot.

The man and his family say he was unarmed at the time, but ELPD says a firearm was retrieved at the scene.

Officers Jose Viera, Jim Menser and Jeff Horn were named in the use of force report relating to the shooting.

Two of the three named officers are under investigation for their roles in the shooting. The lawyer for Viera, Mike Nichols, confirmed that Viera is under investigation.

We speak out against the attempt to issue a warrant for [the man’s] arrest, supported by a falsely crafted criminal narrative. We expose any attempt to entrap [him] into their custody. They have taken every chance to avoid accountability for the attempted murder of [the man] and the endangerment of the people of East Lansing. Every cop on the scene, the chief, the City of East Lansing, and Sparrow Hospital are complicit in covering up the crime of shooting a civilian while he was fleeing for his life. Why is everyone allowed to fear for their life except for Black people running away from the cops?  

Black Lives Matter Lansing