Board denies petition to remove Jackson sheriff


The Board of State Canvassers has turned down another version of a petition aiming to remove the Jackson County Sheriff from office.

Petitioner Dean Schuette first filed a petition to recall Sheriff Steven Rand for derogatory comments the Sheriff made that were released in February.

Board members turned down the petition today and said it was because the language in the petition wasn’t necessarily factual, including a line calling Rand a “multifaceted bigot,” which they say could be taken as an opinion.

The board told Schuette that he would have to re-word the petition in order to move forward. Schuette says they’re not being clear.

“The problem is the clarity,” Schuette said. “They asked for clarity, they asked for certain items. I feel that I’ve given those items, and I feel that they’re just circling the wagons around the ‘good ole boys’ syndrome, and we’re just protecting the politicians like we’ve done in the past. And I just find it’s…there’s something terribly wrong about it.”

A recall petition is one of the only ways to remove Rand from office. Without the petition, the governor would have to intervene or Rand would have to resign on his own.

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