LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Lansing could see a new home for the city’s courts police and fire departments through a public safety bond proposal just announced today.

The $175 million bond if passed would create a new campus. The costs and resources would then be shared across the three departments.

Department leaders say this bond could lead to a new chapter for the city as well as improve security and recruitment.

The project would put police, fire, the 54-A district court and police lock up in the same complex. Funding will also allow for upgrades for several fire stations.

Both police and fire chiefs shared their concerns with current buildings being used well over their life span. Court officials mentioned a new location would provide a better spot to serve an influx of court hearings while keeping community members safe.

Fire chief Brian Sturdivant says his team is looking forward to one day seeing upgrades and replacements for current stations.

“We want to be the crown jewel fire department in the state of Michigan. We have the personnel to do that. We have the resources to do that. So when we get to the point when we update our facilities, that will be the icing on the cake so if we can make the facilities and our fleet and some of the other issues around our firefighters a bit more pleasing and up to date, it can balance that work load out,” said Sturdivant.

The proposal will be officially introduced to the city council during tonight’s meeting for discussion.

A vote to put the issue on the November 8 ballot will be decided at a later date.