BATH, Mich. (WLNS) — Cameron Allen has always loved to read.

“I switched from picture books to the magic tree house series to more advanced mystery novels and then all the way up to full fledged books,” Cameron said.

At 14 years old, he had an idea to turn his passion into a profit. He wanted to start a book subscription company. However, just like any teenager, he knew the first step was to run it by mom and dad.

Cameron at a younger age showing off some books he’s read.

“They’re like, Cameron you’re starting high school right now. I think you should really focus on your studies and kind of get acclimated to a completely new environment,” Cameron said.

Cameron agreed to focus on adjusting to high school first. But the idea stayed with him for months. So, he brought it back up to them for a second round of thoughts.

“I came up with a few spreadsheets, I sat them down and I was like okay here is the business laid out step by step. They were like, you know what Cameron you actually put a lot of thought into this. Lets try it out,” Cameron said.

With their go-ahead, Beacon Book Box was created.

Cameron posing with his Beacon Book Box. He’ll be a freshmen at University of Michigan studying Business Administration in the Fall.

December of 2017, his parents bought the domain name and registered the business.

“Right off the shelves you’re getting a brand new book every month,” Cameron said.

Each monthly box is centered around a theme from the book, and with it comes along other “bookish goodies.”

“Bookmarks, mugs coffee, just really anything you can kind of think of,” Cameron said.

What started as a one man job, quickly turned into a team effort.

“My mom is an attorney so she kind of provides that legality background for us. Dad’s kind of the systems and operations guy,” Cameron said.

Since starting the business 4 years ago, Cameron said he’s sold thousands upon thousands of book boxes. They’ve shipped them all over the world to more than 40 countries from Italy to Australia.

For anyone out there with a dream to start a business, Cameron said to take it one page at a time.

“Age doesn’t really matter when you want to follow your dreams. Try to start the business just dive right in. Don’t let anything hold you back. Don’t let anyone hold you back,” Cameron said.