Both candidates campaign for battleground state here in Michigan


(WLNS) – Michigan is shaping up to be a major battleground state and both presidential candidates are pulling out all the stops to win the votes.

Democrats have won Michigan’s electoral votes in the last six elections, so it was no surprise when Hillary Clinton emerged with a prominent lead in the polls, but as election day draws near, that gap is closing.

Donald Trump is now campaigning hard to win the state.

“Michigan is very important and we want to see a prosperous Michigan moving forwards,” state Trump campaign Director Scott Hagerstrom said.

Michigan Democrats aren’t going down without a fight.

“We’re reaching out and registering new voters,” Michigan Democratic party chair Brandon Dillon urged.

Local political analyst Bernie Porn says a lack of voters isn’t Clinton’s only problem.

“She has a turnout problem,” Porn explained. “And enthusiasm problem”.

That’s an issue the Trump campaign says it hasn’t run into. In fact, they say it is just the opposite.

“People are so excited and they’re coming to us, there is so much energy out there,” Hagerstrom exclaimed.

Trump’s campaign hopes it hasn’t gone unnoticed that the candidate is making his fifth appearance here on Friday.

While Clinton has relied more on vocal support and surrogates to rally Michigan voters behind her.

“There is, you know, ten to eleven other states that also require some intense campaigning,” Dillon explained.

While rallies and appearances are great, Porn says they won’t be the deciding factor when it comes to turning Michigan red or blue.

“A lot of that will be based on the ground game of turning out the vote,” Porn said.

Something both camps say the are hitting hard, knocking on doors and on the phones.

Porn says those efforts will all pay off, or not, come election day when we finally see which party get more Michigan voters to the polls.

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