Both parties weigh in on future of healthcare in America


After days of anticipation leading up to a vote on the American Health Care Act, Speaker Paul Ryan pulls the bill from a full House vote, and now the future of replacing the Affordable Care Act is once again in the balance.

The future can be unpredictable, but when it comes to the fate of health care in America, Republican leaders say, what we do know is that there are two options to be explored as we move forward.

“They either can revise what we have, or they can keep what we have until it fails, and eventually it will crumble, it will fail,” says State Senator Rick Jones.

While opinions on this matter are split, those who support the Affordable Care Act say, Friday’s decision not to vote on it’s replacement, is a victory for those fighting to keep it in tact.

“I think we did play a part in the failure of the bill on Friday and I think we all should pat ourselves on the back for that,” says Kris Parnell, supporter of the ACA and member of Michigan Indivisible District 8.

Repealing and replacing Obamacare is something President Donald Trump has said he wants to do. But critics say, if lawmakers can’t come together to make a decision on this, it might impact efforts on other important issues being addressed.

“They don’t have the leadership, they don’t have the skill, and they don’t have the will of the American people. And that other issues that are on their agenda will fail just as their healthcare plan failed,” says Parnell.

But Republican’s think otherwise…

“I think first they’re going to work on other issues, I think they want to work on taxes and things like that, and eventually they’re going to get back to this because as more and more states crumble, they’re going to want to put something in place,” says Jones.

But until everyone agrees with that something, the Affordable Care Act will stay.

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