Bowling for a lupus cure


It wasn’t your ordinary night at the bowling alley.

For the Hall family, it’s a passion project that battles a devastating autoimmune disease.

Vania Hall held the first Strike Out Lupus event last year in honor of her husband Chris, who is a 17-year lupus survivor. He’s also a long-time bowler who, at one point, almost had to quit competing because of his symptoms.
“When you participate in a sport like bowling as I do, it’s not an easy task at times,” Chris says. “Sometimes the muscles are jumpy, sometimes the muscles are painful, the joints are aching. But we try to persevere and continue to do it.”

In a word, lupus is pain as the body’s immune system basically attacks itself. Vania says it can look different for every survivor, every day.
“There are times when my husband’s feeling fine and an hour later he’s in bed feeling terrible,” she says. “And it’s just really hard to manage the disease because you just never know what you’re gonna be dealing with day to day.”

There’s no known cure for lupus, so the best patients can do is treat the symptoms. But they’re hoping one day things will change.

“Our goal is to raise money for lupus and to make more people aware to what lupus can do to individuals and to families,” Chris says. “It can be devastating so we decided we’re gonna make, raise money and make awareness more possible.

And they’re hoping people will feel empowered to learn more, reach out to their loved ones with the disease and keep fighting.

Last year the event raised $1600 for the Michigan Lupus Foundation.

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