Boy burned inside dangerous home in Jackson

The search for a missing wheelchair in Jackson concluded successfully last night, but led police to a disturbing discovery.

Police recovered the wheelchair inside a home where a 4-year old boy was severely burned by a blowtorch and found exotic animals, including a pig and alligator, inside the home.

Last night, police were sent to a home on the 400 block on Adams Street on Jackson’s north side, and that’s where officers made the disturbing discovery.

Investigators soon realized the living conditions inside the home violated 10 different codes.

“There was a lot of issues inside of that house not only mechanical and electrical, just the sanitary conditions of that house too were at a point where it wasn’t livable,” says Jackson Interim Police Chief, Elmer Hitt.

Hitt says, at least 6 children and several adults lived in the home. After locating the 4-year old boy with first and second degree burns to his upper body, officers immediately contacted the City’s Inspection Department.

6 News received the report filed by the City Inspector noting the home was in hazardous condition due to excessive amounts of exposed wiring throughout the entire home.

The walls and ceilings, gutted leaving exposed insulation and framing. The floors, stained with excessive amounts of urine and feces. A vandalized furnace and water heater, pumping carbon monoxide into the bedrooms. On top of all that, the city found an infestation of cockroaches, cats and dogs, snakes, a pig, and even an alligator.

Animals that Jessica Sayre, who was near the home during the investigation, is temporarily taking care of.

“I asked if there was anything that I could do and they said you can help with the animals and take some of them and I said absolutely,” says Sayre.

Sayre owns a nearby farm, so she took in the pig, a few cats, and the alligator until she can find them a permanent home.

According to Chief Hitt, the house has since been condemned and when it comes to the children, he believes they’re being placed with other family members.

UPDATE: Jessica Sayre says the Cascades Humane Society temporarily took in the alligator and is helping to find the cats a new home.

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