BREAKING: Governor declares State of Emergency for Ionia County


PORTLAND, Mich. (WLNS) – Clean-up efforts continue in the city of Portland tonight after widespread flooding caused massive damage

It’s a process thats been going on for a week now, as officials in Portland are now inspecting homes and businesses.

They’re checking out the damage across caused by an ice jam in the Grand River.

6 News just learned a short time ago that the governor has declared a State of Emergency for Ionia County, which includes Portland.

Even though a local emergency has been in effect here in Portland since last week, Governor Gretchen Whitmer just declared one from the state today, so city officials are wondering, what took so long?

We were certainly hoping something to be executed a little more efficiently and effectively,” said Portland City Manager Tutt Gorman.

The city of Portland covered in snow today, as people inspect the damage.

We help out in situations like this for the county when they are overwhelmed and need assistance,” said
Robert Hornbrook, the Montcalm-Ionia Citizen Corps Coordinator.

Help visible all over town: Ionia County officials, police, and volunteers going door to door.


But Gorman says they have yet to receive support from the state.

“Yesterday morning we were told they needed additional information to substantiate some of the damage and some numbers, and so we provided those information and numbers later, so right now we’re still in a holding pattern,” said Gorman.

He says the resources and funding is needed.

“It’s sort of a frustrating process, clearly we’re not in a position to be able to assess a lot of damage, due to much of the areas and affected areas being submerged
,” said Gorman.

Pat Russman, who’s lived in Portland his entire life, says the flooding definitely took a toll.

“For some of the people that really got their houses underwater already, I would say that’s definitely a major emergency for people, and I think they should be taking all the steps they can to help the people out,” said Russman.

But Gorman is hopeful that state help will come soon.

“I am cautiously optimistic that it will be done, again I know things are done in good faith and here it’s just a matter of interpretation, but the city and county will make sure we do everything we can to provide all the resources to our residents and do what’s necessary,” said Gorman.

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