(WLNS) – A Brighton woman is expected to appear on the “Dr. Phil” television show next week to share her story about her struggle to reunite her family.

According to our media partners at WHMI, Brenda and Joshua Burns had their 11-week-old daughter taken from their home by Child Protective Services after a March 2014 incident. Joshua Burns claimed the baby fell off his lap and he caught her by the face before she hit the floor. He was convicted and is serving a one-year jail sentence for 2nd degree child abuse. Brenda Burns was cleared of child abuse charges and has custody of the baby, now one-year-old.

Brenda Burns has stayed out of Michigan until a hearing scheduled for Thursday. At that hearing motions are expected to be heard asking for the court to dismiss the case and all CPS supervision of the baby.

“Dr. Phil” airs on WLNS-TV 6 weekdays at 4:00 p.m.

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