BROOKLYN, Mich. (WLNS) — Author and motivational coach Robin Shear was sitting in church one day when it just hit her.

“You know you hear people say you should take your passions and take the things that matter to you and make a career out of that. Well, I’m passionate about helping people have joy. It’s just who I am,” said Shear.

It’s a calling on her life to serve, and one she’s now doing for a living as a joy coach. She’s teaching people why the three-letter word, joy, is much more than a feeling.

“The more you think about it the more you are going to experience it. It’s like this contagious thing,” said Shear.

But even for a joy coach, it’s not always easy. A ski accident tested both her faith and her views on what joy looks like.

“I was just really trying to dig into joy and whether I still believed in it,” said Shear.

The process ultimately inspired her to write a book called “Messy Joy.” She hopes to share a message that shows how joy can begin before life’s difficulties end.

“It’s not related to the conditions and the circumstances. It’s an outlook. It brings resilience and hope,” Shear said.

Shear said she is still learning every day, discovering that joy doesn’t have to be complicated and that finding it can start with asking a simple question.

“What made you feel alive? Was it being with your friends? Was it being in motion? Was it quiet time by yourself? Let’s go back there and see if those are parts of your life now because usually, they are not and when we add those intentionally, we realize wow this really feels like me again,” Shear said.

Shear’s book, “Messy Joy,” is now an Amazon bestseller. She’s set to travel the world and share her message of joy to far-reaching places like Africa.

Next Saturday, she will be close to home at the Brooklyn Presbyterian Church — the same place where her journey began.

“We all need help, and I love the fact that we can come together as a community and support each other.  We can get excited about this and then we can continue to share that message,” said Shear.

To learn how you can attend the Messy Joy Conference, visit this link.