BWL continues plans for new power sub-station, promises to rehabilitate Scott Center House


LANSING, MI (WLNS) – BWL announced today alongside Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero and Habitat for Humanity Director, plans to move the Scott Center House, and revitalize an empty lot in Lansing’s Downtown.

The move would take the house from its current location on the corner of West Malcolm X Street and Washington Avenue, to an empty lot along Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd and Hillsdale Street.

The house has been relocated once before, in the 1970s, to the current location along Malcolm X, and the project includes a complete refurbishing of the home, along with 18 to 20 additional houses to provide affordable housing in Downtown.

Mayor Bernero believes this three-part effort is a win in every situation.

“A win for those concerned about historical preservation, a win for those concerned about affordable, reliable power and a win for affordable housing,” Bernero said.

The Scott Center House, as well as the land it is to be moved to, will be sold to Habitat for Humanity for $1 each if approved, and then made into something new.

“Convert it and redefine it into multi-family housing units, condominium style,” Habitat for Humanity Director Vicki Hamilton-Allen said.

Not only will renovations be made to the Scott House, but BWL also plans on rebuilding the garden next to the plant, including a path to the river.

Bernero says this is an improvement to the current state, and location, of the gardens.

“Drive by there, see how many people use that now, almost no one,” Bernero said.

BWL plans to build the new Central sub station in order to eventually shut down the Eckert station, to a more environmentally friendly way of creating power.

The catch is, the new station had to be built along where the power lines are fed underground, from Eckert power plant, to interstate 496, and the Scott Center House and Sunken Gardens location fit the bill.

“It all came back to that particular site, none of the other ones will work for us,” BWL General Manager Dick Peffley.

Peffley says the plan still has to be approved by the City Planning Board, as well as City Council, before they can move forward with details and planning.

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