LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — With over 24,000 customers without power, the utility reports 28 broken utility poles and “around 150 wires down” in the BWL service area, the utility has called on crews from both out-of-state and from around the state to provide assistance.

“We’re working hard, getting our crews throughout the region to continue planning and implementing restoration efforts through the weekend,” said BWL General Manager Dick Peffley. “The damage in our service territory is significant, as some streets are still impassable due to downed trees.”

Crews from across Michigan including Niles, Grand Haven, Traverse City, Coldwater, Sturgis, Marshall, Sebawing, Zeeland and out-of-state crews from Pennsylvania, Iowa and Kentucky are arriving in Lansing. BWL reports crews will work through the night to restore power to the area.

Top on the mind of many without power: when will the power be restored? The answer, BWL says, depends on the restoration of priority areas. Hospitals, urgent care facilities, water pumping facilities, police and fire departments, wastewater treatment plants and pumping stations are priorities. All other restorations not immediately involving public safety will be scheduled to restore service to circuits with the largest number of customers within the shortest amount of time.

In addition, homeowners without power as result of damage to the location where electric service enters the home will have to hire a licensed electrician to repair the line before BWL can restore power.

BWL does provide a service allowing customers to have work done by their approved electrical contractors and have the payments financed interest-free through the utility.