(WLNS) – In Michigan 64 percent of 4-year-olds aren’t enrolled in preschool and the US Department of Education says that’s a problem.

The report says about 2.5 million 4-year-olds in the US are not currently enrolled in preschool programs. Even fewer are enrolled in what they call “quality programs”. The new report details the unmet need of quality early learning programs in Michigan and in other states.

The report highlights the need for an elementary and secondary education act. The US currently requires K-through-12 education for students. The Education Act would require schooling to start in preschool. Officials say too many kids entering kindergarten have gaps in their education. They say the proposed Education Act would close those gaps.

The report also highlights a recent Gallup poll that shows 70-percent of eligible voters in the country would support increased federal funding to ensure better quality early learning programs.