LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – A survey by the Detroit Free Press shows where Michigan’s 148 lawmakers stand on gun control legislation.

While Gov. Gretchen Whitmer tries to console a grieving MSU community, she is also thinking about the votes she needs to do something about gun violence.

The Detroit Free Press contacted each of Michigan’s 148 lawmakers to ascertain their support for issues like safe gun storage, background checks, and confiscating weapons from those who might do harm with them.

“Republicans are basically saying this is a failure to enforce the laws already on the books, but I’m hearing that there are Republicans who are open to what kind of legislation the Democrats have been proposing,” said Clara Hendrickson, one of the reporters that worked on the survey.

Michigan’s Democratic Senate Leader Winnie Brinks is hoping to convince some Republicans to vote yes on potential gun safety bills.

“There are things we can do that have broad support from both Republicans and Democrats and with gun owners and non-gun owners. So, there are things we can do to prevent gun violence. We can’t have a legislature that continues to ignore those issues,” Sen. Brinks said.

Bottom line, the governor and the gun safety lobby have some work to do. But there appears to be some wiggle room to eventually get to 20 and 56 votes.