Cancer survivor passes out cookies to Sparrow workers


Cancer battles don’t always have a happy ending, but for one Sparrow patient, her story ending is all too sweet,

Kay Patrick-Hile, was diagnosed with lung cancer in July 2018 and was pronounced cancer free just two months ago. To say thank you to the workers in the Oncology unit in Sparrow, Kay and her husband, James, handed out hundreds of cookies to the workers.

It’s just such a special day. To be able to come back and see everyone again, visit with them, it’s just a happy day and in a small way to say thank you so much for everything that you’ve done for me and my family, said Kay.

Kay added that she sees the workers as family, and she can’t thank them enough for helping her through her tough battle.

When you get diagnosed with cancer, everything kind of gets put on hold, and you need someone to fill that gap… and the workers here did that, said Kay.

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