Candidate town hall in Howell tackles issue of gun violence


HOWELL, Mich. (WLNS) – While the issue of gun control can be controversial, there’s one thing the crowd of people and politicians had in common in Howell on Saturday and that was to find some common ground on how to protect students in schools and the community from gun violence.

“Certainly the answer is not arming teachers but I think it’s an issue that we can continue to keep going with the conversation whether it’s improving school security or raising age limits on firearms which I’m a big advocate for,” said Lesley Lebrun.

And it’s personal for Lebrun who says she lost two family members to gun violence.

She believes something needs to change which is why she continues to fight for a solution.

“In the state of Michigan one thing we can demand is that our Governor pass red flag laws or push that legislation along in Lansing,” Lebrun stated.

That’s just a few of the many suggestions tossed along to these lawmakers on Saturday and they responded with ideas that included expanding stricter background checks, increasing awareness of gun violence, the decision on whether to ban automatic weapons and even taking a look at the certification to purchase a gun among many other suggestions.

It was all about brainstorming ways to better regulate the use of firearms which is something Joan Thomas agrees with.

“I feel really positive, I’m hearing good things from the candidates, practical things and points that they all did agree which is where we have to start,” said Thomas.

But others say while today’s town hall was a step in the right direction, the conversation is far from over.

“More frustrated than ever…there’s no easy solution obviously but I saw a lot of talking around the issue by the candidates,” said Susan Rose.

And as these candidates continue on the campaign trail, voters want them to know that they’re watching and listening.

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