EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – A former Michigan governor is coming to the defense of embattled MSU President Dr. Samuel Stanley but at the same time a GOP candidate for the MSU board of trustees says if he was on the board today he would vote to remove the president.  

Former Democratic Governor Jim Blanchard is the former president of the student body at MSU and former would-be candidate for the MSU interim presidency, so it goes without saying that he is still closely watching the events unfolding at his alma mater.

Based on his two-year experience with the current president, Mr. Blanchard says, “he is doing a great job.”

It’s obvious that not everyone on the MSU Board of Trustees agrees.

The roots for this disagreement reportedly reach back to the president’s decision to enforce a strong mask mandate during COVID and place other restrictions that the epidemiologist/president felt were necessary.

At least one unnamed member of the board reportedly took strong exception to those restraints.

“I would be casting a vote to get him to resign or remove him because I think the university would be better served with a new president,” said Republican trustee candidate Mike Balow.

Based on his attendance at board meetings, the candidate says the president runs the school like a Roman emperor.

“This guy was brought in to be the future and quickly after he was hired people realized it was the wrong hire because he wasn’t listening to people, he wasn’t being transparent, he was making decisions that he thought was right but you can’t operate MSU in a vacuum from the ivory tower of the president’s office,” said Balow.

Former Governor Blanchard reports that everyone he talks to thinks the president is doing an outstanding job and he hopes the board will not start the search for another MSU president, the fourth one in four years.