Capital City looks to reinvent Adado Riverfront Park


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Bringing the community together is and has been the goal of the Capital City and Thursday night, city officials strived to take that goal one step further.

Officials held a public meeting to discuss the design of a proposed outdoor amphitheater at Adado Riverfront Park.

The idea of an outside amphitheater has been talked about for nearly two decades.

Throughout the past couple years, the planning process has really kicked into high gear and that’s why hearing the opinions of the community was so beneficial.

“The park is significantly under-utilized only when there are big events there, otherwise there are some people who stroll through but it has so much more potential than that,” said Randy Hannan; Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero’s Chief of Staff.

How can the city transform Adado Riverfront Park into a place with endless opportunities?  Well, Hannan says it starts with creating a “vision” and that’s where plans of an outdoor amphitheater come into play.

“There’s an opportunity there to create something that’s much more dynamic, it’s more vibrant and that’s more of an attractor for people,” Hannan stated.

Hannan says that’s why input from the community is so important.

On Thursday evening, the team working on the project pitched a couple different ideas to see how those in the crowd responded.

For Joy Gleason, change is key to making Adado Riverfront Park thrive.

“I’d really just like to see a balanced use of Riverfront Park that we don’t see it as being just the big concert venue when they build a more permanent amphitheater structure, I’d like it to be great for everyone,” said Gleason.

The goal is to make sure the park is accessible for everyone, creating a design that will work for all events and coming up with a space that fits large groups. All of these concepts Lori Singleton, a landscape architect says she’s keeping in mind.

“There’s some real love for the place and there’s also a real opportunity to make it what it should be and what it could be and that’s our challenge and it’s a big one,” said Singleton.

As of right now, there’s no price on how much this project will cost because it’s still in the planning stages.

But what’s the next step?

The project’s design team says it will take all the ideas community members mentioned on Thursday and will create one concept that will be presented on Friday afternoon.

From there, the design team will start brainstorming the cost of the project and the fundraisers needed to help pay for it.

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