Car batteries and cold weather don’t mix very well


Freezing temperatures cause chemical batteries to produce less current and so the chances of your car not starting this time of year drastically goes up. This is happening so much that Kevin Wille with Northside Towing is now responding to about a dozen dead battery calls a day.

“It’s been crazy busy with all the dead battery calls we’ve had.”

Wille sort of serves as a mad scientist that brings car batteries back from the dead. He says cold weather drains a batteries life, even more so when temps drop below zero.

“Sub-zero temperatures for sure. Anything below 32 degrees you’ll get some temperament with trying to start your car whether that’s hard starting or slow starting, but sub-zero temperatures definitely increase the chances of your car battery dying.”

Car batteries that are 3 years old or older are the ones most likely to succumb to sub-freezing temperatures. Plus, the cold doesn’t just temporarily stop batteries from working, it’s a sign that a new one is on the horizon, especially if another arctic blast comes through.

“Once the battery cells are bad and you get a giant nip of cold like we’ve been getting, it’ll definitely conk it out of commission.”

Also, not everyone has a garage so there are a few ways to keep your battery warm enough to hopefully work. You can get a trickle charger, specifically hooked up to your battery, or place a large tarp over the hood so you can limit the amount of cold air whipping through the engine.

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