CBS/NY Times Poll: America divided on Obama job performance

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(WLNS) – As President Barack Obama prepares to deliver his final State of the Union message tonight a CBS/New York Times poll finds that the nation is split on his overall job rating.

The survey found 46 percent approve of his performance in office, while 47 percent disapprove.

Those numbers are identical to what the same survey found last January.

The results split down party lines with more Democrats in favor of Obama’s performance with more Republicans disapproving.

After seven years in the Oval Office more than half of Americans polled say Obama has performed about as well as they expected.

52 percent of the people responding said the President is doing as well as they expected; 15 percent said he was doing better than expected and 31 percent said the performance was worse than they expected.

Again, the responses split down party lines.

The survey also found that Americans are not optimistic about the direction the country is taking.

27 percent said the country is headed in the right direction and two-thirds think it is heading down the wrong track.

Those results are consistent with results from the past few years.

Six out of every ten Americans supports President Obama’s recent executive action concerning guns.

49 percent think he acted within his authority but 43 percent believe he went beyond his authority as president.

This also broke down along party lines with 73 percent of those saying Obama went past his authority being Republicans.

Generally 57 percent of the people polled think gun laws should be more strict, up slightly from last month’s poll.

We’ll have more on the results of the poll online and on 6 News and CBS News tonight.

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