LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Residents say ceilings are falling in and water is flowing in some homes at Holmes Apartments on Lansing’s South Side.

6 News visited the complex two weeks ago when viewers reached out complaining of a leaking roof.

The management company told 6 News it would be finished by Monday, but little to nothing has been done.

6 News first Holmes Apartments in November after people called the station pleading for help.

When we arrived, we found trash, bugs, and a roof that was falling apart. We were told by the management company that it hoped to have it fixed by now, but little to no progress has been made.

The ones who suffer are the people who call the complex home.

Ashely Ellis says her unit was recently red-tagged. She says she’s been living not only with one but two holes in her ceiling for more than a month now. She says she contacted Simtob Management, the company that owns the apartment, in the last week of January.

“I sent emails, text messages, I called, you know, I went out as far as reaching out to the owners on Facebook, and no response,” said Ellis.

It wasn’t until weeks later that she says she and everyone else at the apartment heard from Simtob.

“I did get an email back saying there was going to be ceiling repair on all the units, and that was back in February, and that never happened.”

As of mid-March, she’s still dealing with a massive mess. The hole in Ellis’s kitchen is so bad that you can see her neighbor through it.

Frustrated, she has now taken matters into her own hands.

“My neighbor decided to stuff in some clothes just for privacy to soak up water because there was no help.”

Simtob released the following statement regarding the complaints:

Since we spoke last, we have made major progress from where we were at. Although it may not be visible to the blind eye, we have taken a large step forward. In the previous two weeks, we have started many unit demolitions, and continue to do repairs on the roof. In the last 2 weeks, due rain/snow and high winds, we have had to halt repairs on the roof 3 different times as it is not safe for workers to be up there during these times. In the meantime, we have been demoing multiple units inside to get them ready for renovations. Last Tuesday, we passed inspection and got the all clear to start TPO. TPO has started and if weather holds off we are very optimistic that the roof will be completed by the end of next week.

All residents that we are aware of that have been affected by this unfortunate event have been contacted by our property management team. We have offered these residents the opportunity to move into one of our newly renovated apartments at a different property. If any residents that have been affected by this event have not been contacted by our property management team, we ask that they reach out immediately at 517-588-6122.

But Ellis has a message for the company:

“This all could have been prevented way back when it happened, and if you’re going to have a property, make it livable. Doesn’t have to be the best, that’s all we ask.”

Simtob says construction on the roof is expected to be finished by next week.